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In this article, we go through how you answer your scheduled tasks in the app and on the web. Scheduled tasks are the tasks that appear in GetCompliant with a certain frequency; daily, weekly or once every year. You answer your scheduled tasks on the task-page, or todo-page, with is the page you will automatically arrive on when you log in.  


We recommend that you are connected to a network when answering your tasks. It is possible to answer tasks "offline", but always remember that you have to go online before 23.59 the same day for your answers to be registered in our database. 

You can also watch an introduction video on how to answer your scheduled tasks:


1. Log int to the GetCompliant app. You will be sent straight to the task page. 

2. In the right corner, use the switch to choose if you would like to see only your users modules and areas (Mine), or if you would like to see all modules and areas in your location (All). 

You can now see all tasks that only you, or everyone in your location need to do today or in the upcoming week and month. Remember that your daily tasks can only be viewed the same day!


- The tasks are sorted under areas. In the image above there are 6 tasks in the area "Inkorg", 7 tasks in the area Öppning (opening), and so on, to do Monday the 5th of december. 

3. Click on the area where you want to answer tasks. You will now see a list of all tasks available. Answer the tasks by choosing the correct answer option. Also; 

- Click on the "balloon-icon" to attach a comment 

- Click on the "Camera-icon" to attach an image (in this image, the camera is red because attaching an image is mandatory. This does not need to be the case for your tasks)

- Click on "... - icon" to get more information on scheduling, documents, and procedures connected to the task.

4. When the task has been answered, the green "check" will appear. Click on the task again if you want to change your answer or view answer history. 

5. When all tasks in an area have been answered, you will see the green "check" next to the area name.

Upcoming tasks can be seen under their due date. An upcoming task could be scheduled weekly, monthly or less frequent, but can be answered before due date if you would like. 

In the example to the right, there are upcoming tasks both on Wednesday the 7th and Friday the 9th, and on the last day of the month. You can do these tasks as usual and when you have finished with an area, you will see the green check. 

If you need to re-answer a task, just go back to the task and answer again. Read more about what to do when you have registered a deviation here



1. Log in to GetCompliant on the web

2. All tasks are done on the task-page, or to do-page. If you do not reach the to do page straight away, choose the option tasks in the main menu. 

3. Choose which tasks you would like to do using the filter in the left corner menu. Choose from the following filters: 

  • When the task is due: TodayUpcomingOpen deviations and All tasks. Mostly, you will probably use Today or Upcoming. Always remember that the filter All always shows all of your tasks, and not only the ones you are scheduled to do. 
  • Areas and modules: Choose between All areas/All modules, My areas/My modules or choose a single module. 

4. Answer the tasks with one of the answer options and if you need, a comment and/or picture or file. Attach comments, pictures and files before you choose answer option. Click on the - icon to attach an image or a file. 

5. When a task has been answered, it becomes grey, and disappears from the page if you refresh. 

If your task is a deviation it will stay under Today until you have marked it as done. You can also find it under Open deviations

When all tasks are answered and you have updated the page, the to do-page will be empty and you know you have done everything you need to do in GetCompliant! 

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