Notifications tell you when there are tasks to do

You can receive notifications when you have tasks that are due today. The notifications can be emails or push notifications on your tablet or smartphone. 

Activate notifications on your account

You can activate or turn off notifications through the app under My Account. On an iOS unit (iPhone, iPad) you also need to activate notifications using Settings on your phone or tablet.



1. Log in to the app and go to My Account.

2. Click on Notifications

3. Choose which notifications you would like

 Mobile notifications, iOS:

1. Go to Settings on your desktop

2. Go to Notifications

3. Choose the GetCompliant app in the menu


4. Here, you can choose which notifications you would like. Choose if you want sounds and a badge. The notifications will also be seen as a red circle next to the app icon. 



1. Log in to the web and click on your name in the right corner.

2. Click on My Account

3. Go to Notifications

4. Choose which notifications you would like to receive. Remember that you also need to turn on mobile notifications n your phone.

5. Click Save


Types of notifications

1. Daily e-mail notification: Receive an email when you have tasks due today.


2. Daily email report: Receive an email that summarises your tasks and actions from the day before. 

3. Daily mobile notification: Receive notifications from the app. Can be presented as; 

- "Push"-notifications: A red dot showing you tasks are due today.

- Badges: Will tell you how many tasks are done today and shows up on your screen and in your notification flow.

4. Weekly email-report: Sent through email every Monday. Concludes how your location (or several) did in GetCompliant the previous week.



  • If you don´t receive notifications on your mobile device, make sure they have been activated. 
  • Mobile notifications are not "SMS"
  • To receive emails, you need to have an email adress added to your account. 


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